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Friday, June 14, 2024
Hello Peace Bridge Families,
Class Recognition Assemblies
To celebrate the success of each of our students, we will be having recognition assemblies toward the end of the year. Below are the dates. Families are invited to attend the assembly in the gym. Each student will receive an achievement certificate.
Thursday, June 20: Kindergarten Celebration of Learning (information will be sent directly to kindergarten families regarding times).
Monday, June 24
9:15am: Grade 1 Mrs. Nick, Grade 1 Mrs. Groulx and Grade 2 Mrs. Wright
12pm: Grade 2/3 Mrs. Mason, Grade 3 Mrs. Cameron and Mrs. Harris
2pm: Grade 4 Ms. Goodridge and Mrs. Lindberg, Grade 5 Mrs. Pegg
Tuesday, June 25
9:15am: Grade 5 Mrs. Richardson, Grade 5/6 Mr. Fellows and Grade 6 Ms. Sneek
2pm: Grade 6/7 Ms. Jones, Grade 7/8 Mr. Cottone and Ms Toffolo/Dr. K.
Box Lunches
Students that receive box lunches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, next week is the final week of this program.
Iceberg Market Day
Tuesday, June 18 is delivery day of the Iceberg Market Produce bags.
There is still a volunteer Bingo shift that needs to be filled on Friday, June 21 from 6-8pm at Delta Bingo. If you are available, please fill in your name on the sign up sheet.
Food Drive
One of our kindergarten teams of Mrs. Meli, Mrs. Bougie, and Mrs. Harasty signed up to participate in a corporate challenge on June 23. As part of the fundraiser, they are collecting food donations for C.O.P.E in Fort Erie. There is a bin in the school’s front foyer for any collections.






Peace Bridge Public School is very fortunate to receive charitable funding by volunteering at our local Delta Uncle Sam’s Bingo Hall. We appreciate the opportunities that this initiative enables us to offer our school community through funding from Bingo revenues.  The benefits that are offered through this initiative provide our students with various enrichment opportunities that support clubs and competitions, athletic programs, assemblies, presentations, transportation for trips and sporting events and many other resources as determined at our regular meetings.

School Council News

Bingo Volunteering Edition

By offering a small amount of your time, you can make a BIG difference.

Charity License and Bingo Revenue

Peace Bridge Public School is fortunate to have a charity license that provides the school with the opportunity to earn revenue for student enrichment. Our charity license is maintained by attending bingo as volunteers at our local Delta – Uncle Sam’s Bingo Hall. The money that is raised through volunteering benefits the entire school. School Council works together to make creative decisions and purchases with the bingo profits to benefit our students. 

Bingo Volunteering

This opportunity is unique to our community and we need your support! Please consider becoming a volunteer representative for our school at our scheduled Bingo assignments. You can reach out to pbr@dsbn.org to receive additional information about assignment dates and how you can become involved.

To learn more about what is involved with volunteering, please visit the link below:

 Volunteer Training | OCGA (charitablegaming.com)

Purchases Made with Bingo Revenue

Our school was recently able to purchase a class set of Chromebooks with money raised through bingo volunteering. With this purchase, the DSBN will include this set of Chromebooks with the regularly scheduled technology upgrades for the school. These devices provide access to valuable parts of the student’s curriculum. This was a substantial purchase that would not have been possible without our volunteers and the additional funds that were earned through our participation at our bingo assignments.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this excellent opportunity!


Ventilation Improvement

Click here for more information about the school-specific ventilation improvement measures at Peace Bridge School


Welcome to Kindergarten!

A warm welcome is extended to all kindergarten students who are joining our Polar Bear family in September! Please take a moment to click on the links below for more information on what to expect in Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten- DSBN


What's New

Important Dates


June 6- Pizza Day

June 7- PD DAY No School for Students!

June 10- Subway Sub Day

June 13- Safari Niagara Cameron/Harris Class

June 14- Pizza Day

June 14- Safari Niagara Nick/Groulx/Wright Mason Class

June 17- Pita Pit Day

June 19- Grade 8 Graduation at GFESS, 6 pm

June 19- River Lions Game Grade 4/5

June 19- Wild Play Field Trip Gd 6/7

June 21- Pizza Day

June 24- Subway Sub Day

June 24- Talent Show: 9:30am Grades 1-4

  2pm, Grades 5-8