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School Council

School Council Chair - Arlene Harkins
Secretary - Nicole Greaves
Treasurer - Carrie McLennan
Bingo Chair - Susan Jovanovic
Community Member - Ron Canavan
Signing Officers - Arlene Harkins, Susan Jovanovic, Carrie McLennan, Ron Canavan

We invite all parents/guardians to attend our monthly School Council Meetings. We are always looking for BINGO volunteers!

Please connect the school or attend one of our monthly meetings @ 5:30pm on the following dates.

September - Tuesday, September 24th

October  - Tuesday, October 22rd

November - Tuesday, November 19th

January - Tuesday, January 21st

February - Tuesday, February 25th

March - Tuesday, March 24th

April - Tuesday, April 28th

May - Tuesday, May 26th

Thank you to everyone who comes out to support our school and students.